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Dog warts are undeniably ugly. No caregiver wants dog warts to show up on her friend’s skin or inside her friend’s mouth, so what can she do to prevent dog warts from developing? Prevention begins with an understanding of the nature and the cause of dog warts.

Dog warts develop from an infection by the canine papilloma virus and occur singularly as one visible bump on a particular area of the skin. Dog warts commonly appear on older dogs’ skin, but puppies develop them, too. Puppy dog warts usually appear in the shape of a small clump of cauliflower and can appear in or around the mouth. They generally disappear as the puppy’s immune system strengthens, but it’s still best to be prudent and have them checked out by a vet.

Small, skin colored dog warts are benign and not considered dangerous so long as their color, size and shape remain the same. A veterinarian visit is in order if dog warts either change in size, color and shape or they initially develop as black dog warts around the eyelids or on the lips. Black dog warts could be evidence of malignant melanoma and should be attended to as soon as possible.

A strong, healthy immune system is your dog’s first and best defense against the development of dog warts. Good skin and coat health that protects against infection and proper kidney and liver function that removes toxins from the system also provide important defenses against the virus. Only high quality nutrition from food and supplements made from pure, human grade ingredients will provide your friend with the necessary tools to fight infection by the canine papilloma virus and the development of dog warts.

Vitamins, of course, are vitally important to skin and coat health and immune system support. The antioxidant properties of beta carotene (Vitamin A) bond with Vitamin C to build skin and mucous membrane strength against invasion by the canine papilloma virus and the development of dog warts. On its own, Vitamin C fights infection and supports cell and tissue growth and skin and immune system health. It also protects Vitamin E, which supports membrane health to keep harmful microorganisms from successfully attacking the body and leading to the development of dog warts.

Minerals like copper, iron and zinc also function as anti-oxidants and immune system stimulants that fight infection and assist with wound healing to keep the skin and coat well protected against invasion by the canine papilloma virus. Copper and iron also support healthy red blood cell formation that helps the kidney and liver flush out any toxins that could lead to dog warts development.

Additional ingredients like brewer’s yeast, cat’s claw (una de gato), paddle-dried chicken liver, evening primrose oil, pine bark and shark cartilage have proven their worth as rich sources of vitamins and minerals and defenders against dog warts in their own right. They, too, support immune and nerve system health, wound healing and red blood cell formation to flush toxins and fight inflammation and the itching response that could cause skin rupture and increase vulnerability to dog warts.

Keeping your dog health with the vitamins it needs can help protect them from Dog Warts. Prevention is key, for all of our pets. To have dog warts removed by a vet can cost a few hundred dollars. A vet will often recommend removing them to keep them from spreading. This can sometimes include using sedatives to make your dog relax before removal of the dog warts. The other way they are removed is surgically and it is done under anesthesia.

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